Have you always wanted to express yourself through your singing, but didn't know how, or where to go?  Well, you have found the right place!  This is what the Follow Your Dream Vocal Lyceum is all about -- helping  you to realize those vocal goals, those dreams of singing. . .

 Have you always secretly wanted to be a singer? 
 Are you already a singer, but need some refining touches?
 Have you just discovered a new dream, or a new talent of singing?
 Have you had a vocal dream lying dormant, hidden away,
       which has just been re-sparked?

If so, I am the one to coach you to Follow Your Dream!
My name is Andrea Thornock, and I am the creator of the Follow Your Dream Vocal Lyceum.  What is this about?  Just as it says, this is my unique voice studio, a place of training and learning, where you can receive the guidance, coaching and techniques to achieve your own vocal dreams. 

Unlike any other vocal training studio, I have created the environment and package which  covers all the needs surrounding your vocal dreams.  I teach you how to sing beautifully, plus give you the the personal coaching to take on your dream in a powerful way!  

The FYDVL includes training in whatever additional areas you need, to be a complete singer, musician, or performer.  It is a customized package of the right combination of skills for you. 

 Could you use training in how to read music? 
 Do you desire to boost your confidence, or get rid of stage fright? 
 Would you like to prepare a complete audition package?
 Do you need a resume or headshots?

These are just a few examples of the varied services which are available as part of the FYDVL, in addition to vocal training.  I hope you enjoy your visit, and that ultimately you will be inspired to actually Follow Your Dream!  That is what I am about!  Contact me to share your dreams, and let's start now, to work together on them!  I look forward to the opportunity to guide you in those vocal dreams which have been waiting from within you to become realized!

The Follow Your Dream Vocal Lyceum is now offering Speech Coaching services! Would you like to...

 Improve your Speech? Enhance your Vocal Tone? 
 Eliminate a Dialect or Foreign Accent?
 Polish your Business Presentations?
 Speak in Public with Confidence?

If so, the Follow Your Dream Vocal Lyceum can help You!


The FYDVL offers private tutoring -- customized coaching sessions to meet your needs. With one-on-one instruction, you will receive individualized attention, training and technique to fulfill your "vocal dream"!  

Training includes, but is not limited to the following:

 Improve your tone, lower or raise your pitch, remove nasal or unclear tones, project the voice.
 Eliminate monotone, speak with interpretive and expressive inflection, descriptive and engaging energy.
 Give oral presentations or public speeches with solid confidence, while holding the interest of your listeners, compelling and powerful.
 Recite dramatic narration with captivating interpretation and phrasing, colorful character and personality.
 Speak with perfect diction and clarity, master phonetics and pronunciation.
 Expand social and professional opportunities, overcome inhibitions, creating a positive "first impression".


Every Lesson Is An Adventure of New Possibilities!
★ BEGIN to Follow Your Dream TODAY! ★
Call: (703) 250-9202



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